“I think I’m starting to like her, but at the same time, there’s something I fear about her. I can’t tell what it is.”

“Rose, you have such strong energy. I’ve been researching a lot about different energy patterns. If you ever want me to teach you about it, let me know. Because you are a powerful person.”

Of all the phrases that have been used to describe me throughout the past nineteen years, these two have stuck with me. They resonate in my head more than any compliment or insult I’ve ever received. They are what I think of when I am trying to do some soul searching. I think of them when I am depressed and on the stormy Tuesday afternoons, when I feel like hypothetically dropping out of school to lay in my bed and live off of Buffalo wings for the rest of my life. I’ve thought about them and analyzed them for hours, potentially days.

I never thought I was ordinary. Then again, walking down the street, how many of us actually think, “I’m an ordinary person with ordinary thoughts. I am nothing significant to the world.” My guess is not many. Throughout our lives we always hear, “everyone is unique in their own special way.” We hear it so often that it has become the norm.

When I heard these phrases, though, it made me think that I might have been given an extra dosage of uniqueness. This is me:



It is not me, trying to pick the least threatening photo of myself to prove that I am not a person to be feared. That’s me on a normal basis. I’m a mere 4’11¾”. Physically, I am the opposite of fearful and powerful. These two statements make me believe that one day I can grow up to be queen of the world, with enough persistence.   

“..so what’s your purpose in my life, you crazy, wannabe dictator?” you ask me with a puzzled look on your face.

I hope that it will be to write something that will get you out of bed on a stormy Tuesday morning.

“Hold up, wait a minute, this is getting emotional and corny,” you tell me with your hands up as you start to back away from your computer.

But wait, give me one more second to explain myself. We all deserve a second chance, right? Let me ask you one more question before you leave…how many things have you read that seemed like they would change your life for 5 minutes? I’ve read hundreds. If I do that then I’m glad to have impacted your day. Mostly, though, these quotes have stuck with me because they were spoken by intellectuals. They were said by the observers of the world, who are never quick to speak without a point. I would like to consider myself one of them, and an honest one at that. I swear on Stephen King, I will never write a lie. Hopefully, that’s enough to convince you to hang around awhile.